In researching portals it seems many proof of concepts never get the attention or acceptance needed for full-bore implementation.  This article is a good reminder to keep focused on the end-user and allow business requirements to drive development.

Summary 14 Reasons Why Enterprise 2.0 Projects Fail:

1. It starts strong in a single department and then never makes it out.

2. Selecting the tools first.

3. Selecting the wrong tools and sticking with them.

4. There are no resources allocated to adoption and training.

5. It’s purely an IT initiative.

6. The effort excludes IT.

7. Engaging with HR, legal, branding, compliance, etc. too soon.

8. Pushing Enterprise 2.0 as a generic toolbox instead of the solution to specific problems.

9. Lack of effective executive champions

10. Lack of effective participants: Empty blogs, wikis, or silent social networks.

11. No long term plan or budget for governance, community management, upgrades, or maintenance.

12. Failure to draw in key influencers as adoption broadens.

13. Building it all as a self-contained, top-down effort.

14. Not waiting long enough to let critical mass build.


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